Benefits for Patients Include:

  • Increase Your Independence

  • Improve Your Safety

  • Regain Your Freedom

  • Clean & Convenient

  • Two Tank Capacity

Here is what we mean!


  • The Handi-Air Tote allows you to pull heavy oxygen tanks safely and independently over a variety of surfaces with a lower center of gravity.

  • Since our Handi-Air Tote requires less strength to operate than a heavy shoulder bag or dangerous metal cart, you will notice an increase in your energy, mobility and independence.

Freedom/Quality of Life

  • The Handi-Air Tote lets you travel anywhere on your own, for special family events or daily errands. It's your choice! Since our tote looks like a personal bag blending in with your environment and lifestyle, you can travel with dignity and confidence without being self-conscious.

Convenient Storage/Cleaner Travel

  • It has many storage compartments to carry critical medications or personal items. No need to carry an extra purse or bag.

  • You never worry about dirty equipment touching you or your clothing as with shoulder bags or with exposed tanks on carts.

Two Tank Capability

  • Easily converts to two tanks for those longer trips. Your Handi-Air Tote holding 2 x M9/C sized tanks holds significantly more oxygen than a D sized tank. You will have enough oxygen for longer daily travel even on continuous flow.

  • It also works with other types of oxygen and is sized for carry-on airline travel.

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