Benefits Include:

  • Increase Your Exposure

  • Differentiate Your Product

  • Increase Your Retail Power

  • Increase Overall Safety

  • Protect Your Investment

  • Empower Your Customers

Here is what we mean!

Increase Your Exposure


Advertise on your product ...
  • Since this unique product will be in public, you will be able to increase your dealer recognition by putting your company information prominently on the Handi-Air Tote, thus increasing advertising exposure.

  • Handi-Air Tote has great advertising options

Differentiate Your Product

Testimonials  What your Customers have said ...
  • The Handi-Air Tote mobile oxygen carrier case differentiates your portable oxygen product from your competition by offering a safer, lighter, compact and attractive alternative to the outdated heavy shoulder bags or awkward metal tank carts.

  • Let your customers spread the word!

Increase Your Retail Power

Retail Power Please read what other dealers are thinking ...
  • The Handi-Air Tote mobile oxygen carrier case is priced right, the envy of your competitors, desired by your patrons and sought after by your patrons advocates.

Increase Overall Safety

  • Handi-Air Tote eliminates dangerous and awkward heavy lifting associated with shoulder bags and metal carts. Due to the fact the weight is trailing the client on the ground with a lower center of gravity it reduces your client's exposure to personal injury.

  • Your client safety/satisfaction surveys improve.

Protect Your Investment

  • The sturdy frame and padded material provides complete protection for your portable oxygen equipment.

  • Handi-Air Tote is not a disposable investment; it can be used with successive clients.

Empower Your Customers

Patient Benefits  Patient Benefits ...
  • Patients stay active while still receiving the medical benefits of oxygen.

  • A satisfied customer with their personal independence and freedom will be a positive source of publicity.

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