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  • Extensive Ventilation for liquid oxygen.

  • Large Size for mobile concentrators and medical devices.

  • Open Top access for Taller D & E sized tanks.

  • Smooth Rolling Wheels.

  • Extensive Storage for critical medications and personal items. No need to carry extra purse of bag.

  • Sturdy Design with high quality adjustable handle.

  • Multiple cannula openings provide access for the many different types of cannula hosing.

  • Adjustable retaining straps keeps oxygen devices secure during transport.

  • Locking telescoping strolling handle for different height users.

  • Static lifting handle to maneuver your Handi-Air Tote.

  • Handi-Air Tote meets California technical bulletin #117 flammability code.

Technical Specifications**

  • Handi-Air Tote weight:

 coming soon ...
  • Case Only dimensions:

15.3" H x 12.5" W x 8"  D
  • With Handle Extended:

34"   H x 12.5" W x 8"  D
  • General Airline Carryon measurements.

  • Check with your specific Airline for details. ex. 22"H x 14"W x 9"D <40 lbs

Total Weights**; coming soon ...

Handi-Air Tote
Average Conserver
1xM6 Tank
2xM6 Tank
1xM9 Tank
2xM9 Tank
x lb xoz

1 lb 5oz
3 lb 6oz
x lb xxoz
x lb xoz 1 lb 5oz  
6 lb 12oz
xx lb xx oz
x lb xoz 1 lb 5oz    
5 lb 5oz
xx lb xx oz
x lb xoz 1 lb 5oz      
10 lb 9oz
xx lb xx oz

**All technical specifications are approximate and may change at any time. They are intended for reference purposes only.

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